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Trend Systems East Africa LTD.

Our technical skills and technical resources place us among some of the most competent outsourcing partners in East Africa and Africa as a whole in the ICT sector. We are still developing our competences on the benefits of the East African and inter-continent time zone that Kenya as a country enjoys to enable African partners the opportunity to implement 24-hour uptime scheduling.

Our Mission Statements;

“Trend Systems E.A. Limited is committed to finding the best way forward, in a fast moving and highly competitive business world; and bridging the ever-growing technological innovations and the best service standards. To remain at the top, we shall relentlessly pursue innovative solutions, and constantly grow our knowledge base with uncompromising Passion for Quality. It also aims to hire competent East Africans thus, providing jobs in the locality which can help alleviate poverty in the region.”

Our Mission:

  • To exceed our client’s needs for the highest quality and total satisfaction.
  • To develop services which are cost effective and efficient.
  • To develop the skills of our employees, enhance teamwork and creativity.
  • Effective project monitoring and supervision.
  • Attain a high level of creative project planning and conceptualization.
  • To protect the environment
  • To achieve high standards of occupational health and safety.
  • To ensure the company’s profitable growth.
  • To ensure that Quality remains at the forefront of our services.

Our Vision:

To be East Africa’s reliable enterprise solutions provider in Information Communication Technology, Management of Change and building design. To create technology-based behemoth vehicle that will not just provide quality IT based information services to our growing IT industry, but also enhance the adaptability of enterprises to change, to live beyond their first birth days in the East Africa region, through creating multiple streams of revenue in locality through the creative minds of the East Africans.

Company Philosophies


The ultimate measure of how we provide customers with the best project is to meet their needs. Profits earned by honest and fair dealing

Fellow Colleagues:

They are the driving-force behind our Company. Our people come together in harmony to create our intelligence and fulfill our mission. We value them by the highest of standards.


 We will work hard to maintain, foster, and reward creative inventions, clever innovations and enthusiastic attitudes.


They are the end result of our talents, experience and efforts. They should be best and exceed our customers’ quality, value and service expectations.

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