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Human Resource Planning

Trend Systems E.A. LTD will offer technical advice as well as plan personnel management for their clients. We will find out the actual number of employees needed in the firm in relation to the present, source for the best qualified individuals to take up available roles and duties and carry out free and fair selection and recruitment process of the best suitable candidates, for and on behalf of the clients.
We will also give advice to employers on the suitable personnel management practices in times of re-structuring like downsizing or upsizing since people are the most important resource of the firm yet the most difficult resource to manage. We shall also train and equip our clients on other ways to motivate and retain staff other than remuneration i.e. monetary terms.

For a firm to exist in the dynamic environment it needs to be very entrepreneurial hence corporate entrepreneurship. Company employees are the key drivers of corporate entrepreneurship.
Therefore we shall train our clients (employers) on how to identify entrepreneurial traits amongst their staff, how to nurture them, as well as create a working environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

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